ICC Rankings t20 ‍and test and ODI match rankings

ICC Rankings t20 ‍and test and ODI: ICC man cricket team Rankings are the official guide to the relative merits of batsmen, bowlers and all-rounders in a Test match and ODI cricket or t20.
The ICC ODI Women’s Rankings provide showcase the leading stars in the women’s international play. If you know what the rankings? ICC Rankings t20 ‍and test and ODI

ICC Rankings International Cricket

The ICC signed a 4-year deal in ICC team member . that the last until 2020
The ratings were developed in 1987. At first, the rankings were for Test cricket and next to One Day International rankings were introduced .. Than T20 developed in 1999. GTV live today: Here
ICC Cricket Rankings 2020 ODI

ICC Cricket Rankings 2020 ODI :

Team RANKTeam Name: Rating:
01England 127
03New Zealand 116
04South Africa 108
06 Pakistan102
07Bangladesh 88
08Sri Lanka85
09West Indies76


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ICC test rankings

Team RANK :Team Name:Rating:
02New Zeland 115
03India 114
05Sri Lanka91
06South Africa 90
08 West Indies 79
10Bangladesh 55
11Zimbabwe 18


ICC T20 Ranking

ICC T20 Ranking

Team RANK : Team Name: Team Rating:
01 Australia 278
02England 268
04Pakistan 260
05South Africa258
06New Zeland 242
07Sri Lanka 230
08Bangladesh 229
09West Indies 229
10Afganistan 228


The most number one team in England. England rating point 124.
The second number ranks in India. team India rating 118. the 3rd position’s team New Zealand. new Zeland rating point 116. and four number position in South Africa. Number five position in Australia. Australia rating point 110. The six number team in ICC Pakistan. Pakistan tries to change the position. 7th number team Bangladesh. Now Bangladesh is the best team to change the position.ICC Rankings
The Eight number team Sri Lanka and number nine-team West Indies.west indies rating point 80. At the last number of 10 teams name Afghanistan. and next have a many team rank in ICC

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